We are not alone.

hapinessPhew! I’ve just finished leaping about, running around, whooping, cheering, turning cartwheels and generally expressing feelings of great delight. The reason for all this glee? Well I have just finished reading an article in the Times predicting the demise of the annual appraisal system. Apparently Deloitte and Accenture (companies that have both implemented and advised on such systems) have now acknowledged that they cause more pain than gain. How long did it take them to work that out?!

When I started work, every six months or so you would have a quick meeting with your head of department who would say things like “you’ve done very well, thanks for all your efforts, here’s a bit more money and by the way we’ve promoted you”. This process was quick, easy, relatively painless and achieved everything that it needed to achieve. Everyone was happy.

Then along came HR with ideas about appraisal systems. Big sigh. No one, not management or the “shop floor” dared to challenge what was lauded as the way forward for fear of being branded some kind of management luddite. Yet nobody I know ever had a good word to say about what became a dreaded, time consuming, contentious process that appeared to benefit no-one apart from those management consultants and HR reps who furthered their careers by inflicting the latest management fad on a workforce who ended up being more concerned about the management of work instead of the work itself.

I used to think I was alone in feeling this way, out of step, maybe I just didn’t understand. Now it appears that there may be a growing band of people prepared to acknowledge that we need to be wary of the latest management “fads” and all power to us I say!

Maybe common sense is making a comeback. Long live common sense!!


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