The Apprentice

Hooray! – The Apprentice is back!

Now I know its just a TV program and I know it is edited to be entertaining. I know that Lord Sugar will always come across as the slightly grumpy but all-knowing business guru. I know that the format of the tasks is designed to exagerate the competitiveness of the candidates who are more interested in their personal profile than actually working as a productive team member. But I still love it.

I like it because it makes me feel good about myself. Those of us who are not blessed (or cursed) with the blind arrogance of always thinking they we are right about everything sometimes need to be assured that we are not lacking in judgement and decision making abilities. Watching the young apprentices building themselves up, blindly leaping into tasks, assuming they know it all, thinking that because they have done a couple of years in sales makes them an expert on everything under the sun and knowing that they are about to fall flat on their faces is….well…funny and sad and affirming and…. “smuggifying”.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that management is not easy. Sometimes it’s just not practical to come to a consensus and you have to step up an make a decision and take responsibility for it. Watching last nights project-manager-to-the-slaughter go into melt down when faced with a decision (how much shall we buy?) was cringeworthy in the extreme.  

We can all be confident. It’s easy without the cushion of experience which teaches us that confidence can be, and often is misplaced. But then that’s all part of the learning process. This years batch will no doubt go on to be succesful in whetever career they choose, or whichever one comes their way. I wish them luck.

I’m glad I’m not one of them.

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