“Andrew worked with my team on a year long strategic project to update our database solutions, and the knowledge, diligence and attention to detail that he brought to the project was fundamental in making it a success. Andrew not only delivered the results, but he worked closely with the analysts and was inquisitive, which led to him challenging the solution and improved the outcome. A great asset to any Data driven project!”

Lindsey Ulanowsky, General Manager, Ikano Insight

“It was a pleasure to work with Andrew during his time with us at Ikano Insight. He is an extremely competent professional with a real eye for detail. His vast experience and proactive nature will help any organisation in the realms of data management and customer centric data initiatives. I would gladly work with Andrew again; his communication is great and he will help positively develop those around him as well as key methodologies in the areas of data management and testing.”

Jamie Spiller, Change & Service Delivery Manager, Ikano Insight

“Andrew is a rare breed. He is hugely technically competent, and able to manage large IT delivery projects. However he is also a very competent communicator and is able to interact effectively with clients at all levels of an organisation. That combination allows him to add real value to a business and its clients.
Andrew is a man of considerable integrity and vision, and I would recommend him strongly to any organisation focused on delivering relevant and efficient technical outcomes to its client base.”

Steve Wilks, Strategic Client Director, Visa Europe

“I worked with Andrew for 20+ years right from early days at Experian, he’s solid, competent and dependable. (Nice bloke too.)”

David Coupe, Managing Director, Experian Marketing Services

“During the time I worked with Andrew I was always impressed by his subject matter knowledge ,ability to get the job done and his great attention to detail. With a high level of interpersonal skill Andrew can relate to staff and customers alike and in any group situation he will always make his mark.A great guy to work alongside.”

Alan Layton, Operations Director, Experian Marketing Services

“Over the many years that I worked with Andrew I was always impressed by his commitment and attention to detail whatever the task. Andrew constantly looks to improve on current performance whether it’s his own or that which he is working on.”

Clive Hart, Director – Corporate Relationship, Experian Marketing Services

“Andrew is a focussed, supportive and highly effective Data Team Leader. Andrew was willing and able to bring 20 years’+ experience of analysing and managing data to the Data Quality team and acted as a catalyst to achieving key milestones, including a high level ‘state of our data’ report, bulk fixing and process improvements. His knowledge of data quality tools and experience of implementing sound and robust processes to manage projects and workflows was instrumental to our success over the year. I would recommend Andrew as a personable and action/results orientated leader, whose energy, drive, knowledge and experience would benefit any organisation.”

Allison Dunbobbin, Data Quality Manager (& Agile Product Owner), British Gas Business