Putting the Customer First?

We recently recieved a communication from a leading energy provider.

 I say we recieved a communication but in actual fact it would be more accurate to say that an envelope dropped through the letter box.

 The letter was addressed to “Mr E M Watson” and informed him that his direct debit arrangement had been cancelled. The thing is, there is no such person as “Mr E M Watson”. There used to be a “Mr E Watson”, my father-in-law, but he sadly passed away 3 years ago at which point the direct debit was actually cancelled. There used to be a “Mrs M Watson”. She died last year. This particular energy provider has not been the supplier for this address for 3 years!

 I contacted the supplier to ask them what they were doing, writing to a non existant person (made up from the name elements of two deceased people), informing us of something that happened 3 years ago!

 Did I get a comprehensible explanation? NO.

 Will I ever use this supplier again? NO!

 I can only speculate on the lack of quality procedures that must have led to such a monumental cock-up.


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