Mainframe-Server Migration


Project management of the migration of business critical applications and associated data from Mainframe to a Server environment.


Without doubt this was the most technically challenging assignment of my career involving:-

  • Conversion of legacy code (Assembler) to a server compatible language.
  • Assessment of supplier capabilities for translation of legacy code to C.
  • Procurement of suitable hardware and storage.
  • Offsite disaster recovery with auto-failover.
  • Replacement of mainframe user interfaces with server alternatives.
  • Zero tolerance of differences between existing and replacement systems.
  • Exposure of myself and team to brand new technologies.
  • Data migration from Mainframe DB2 to Server based Oracle 10g.
  • Establishing appropriate technical support / error reporting.
  • Management of external specialists.
  • Overcoming resistance from user community – fear of going from the known to the unknown.
  • Maintaining BAU throughout the project.


Lessons Learned

  • Plan meticulously and always have a back-out plan.
  • Keep your eye on the business case.
  • “If you’re going through hell – keep going!”, Winston Churchill.