Data Strategy


Development of business case for the overhaul of existing data processes in order to deliver improved data quality, cost savings and business agility.


Businesses that experience rapid growth are often very reactive to the extent that standards / best practice play second fiddle to creating a new product or service as quickly as possible in order to meet market demand. This approach may be understandable and may be manageable for a period. However it can lead to disjointed and unconnected data sources. Duplicated data and processes are common. Wasted development and support lead to increased costs. These issues will inevitably begin to impact on the level of service offered to customers and lack of confidence in data, both internally and externally, will take its toll.

As such it may be necessary for a business to take a step back and look at the state of its data and associated processes with a view to conducting some kind of “overhaul”. Such an undertaking may however appear daunting, risky and without clearly defined benefits. It is therefore essential that a case is made which:-

  • Clearly communicates current issues and the impact of these on service / cost.
  • Shows the As-Is in an easily consumable format.
  • Demonstrate the benefits of moving to a new To-Be state.
  • Provides a sound and achievable plan.

Lessons Learned

  • Do not apportion blame – things are the way they are.
  • Do not underestimate the power of a brief chat at the coffee machine
  • Proceed in small steps and learn from mistakes.