Data Governance


Establishment of reporting and governance structure / processes in order to bring about overall improvements in data quality.


Those individuals within an organisation who are responsible for processing or creating data must be given adequate training and be continuously reminded of the importance of accurate data – a clear message has to be sent.

However without an appropriate governance structure it can be very difficult to maintain or improve standards. As such it is vital that regular reports are both produced and acted upon in order to identify how the organisation / departments / individualsĀ are performing against agreed metrics.

In addition, where reports indicate issues, those individuals best placed to resolve an issue must be empowered to take responsibility for identifying and taking remedial action.

Having a regular focussed meeting with minuted actions should help to ensure that people remain engaged.

Lessons Learned

  • Clear and easy to understand reports are key to achieving an effective data governance process.
  • The right people must be involved.
  • Active executive sponsorship is vital.
  • Don’t try and fix everything at once – focus.