Channel 5 Launch


Responsible for generating contact data across the whole of the UK to support the launch of Channel 5.


I was responsible for creating the contact data files utilised throughout the launch of Channel 5. This involved working with the wider project team in order to establish the contact strategy and generating the contact files from a combination of data sources. The UK was segmented into manageable areas and the production of the mailing files had to be co-ordinated with the availability of “on the ground tuners” who would visit each household to check that equipment was capable of dealing with the new signal.

One of the major concerns was the risk associated with having a stranger visit every household in the UK – the potential for criminal activity. In order to counter this I generated a unique code which was communicated to both the householder and the ground staff. Householders were instructed to check that the person visiting their property could quote the correct security code.

This was an extremely high profile project with the very real risk to brand reputation should anything go wrong.

Lessons Learned

  • Importance of teamwork and cross program communications
  • Importance of attention to detail and the confidence that it generates amongst program sponsors and colleagues alike.
  • To build a reputation as a safe pair of hands.