Automated Workflow


Project Managed the development and implementation a of desktop utility for the automation of existing processes impacting 100+ users.


When a business grows and the number of functional teams increases, variation in methods, processes and standards can easily be introduced. This can lead to problems in quality and variation in user experience. One way of countering this is to introduce a standard tool used across all operators which guides the operators through an optimal workflow. However there will often be resistance to such changes in operating procedures and users may feel threatened that their jobs are being de-skilled. To counter this resistance it is vital that users (or at least key representatives of the user community) are actively involved in all aspects of the tool development and implementation :-

  • Gathering Requirements
  • Documenting As-Is Processes
  • Prioritising Developments
  • User Acceptance Testing

Lessons Learned

  • Create an influential user group to counter resistance to change
  • Executive sponsorship for change programs is vital
  • Vital to have adequate reporting in place to show tangible improvements