Dominic Cummings vs Data Scientists

I’m really not sure what I think about Dominic Cummings.dom

On the one hand – who is this reportedly quite unpleasant person who nobody voted for but seemingly is having quite a significant impact on the way this country (the UK) is governed.

On the other hand Рof course its about time somebody challenged the status quo  inherent within our government. Its about time somebody weeded out all those over promoted, over paid, under achieving hangers-on who deliver very little if anything at all. Go get them!

So I am a tad conflicted.

However, his actions did make me wonder whether businesses should be adopting more of a “Cummings” approach to the development / incorporation of a data science function within their business as opposed to a knee jerk reaction – “oh my goodness we have all this data, we must become a data led business, lets get some data scientists in and have them wave their magic wands”.

The challenge to the data scientist might go something like this.

Last year our overall profit was X.

This year our profits will be Y.

Your salary for this year will be 10% of N% of Y-X. where N% is the % of Y-X that you can prove is directly attributable to you.

What would those numbers need to be?




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