Anarchy in the UK

RottenI have never been a stickler for strict adherence to the rules. To some I am sure that would be tantamount to blasphemy particularly in todays IT world where roles are so often defined, specialised and “narrow”. I suppose my views simply reflect my background. When I started my IT career it was in an environment where I and the people around me grew into our roles organically as the business grew. There were no rules, standard procedures or even guidelines – we just got on with it and made whatever decisions needed to be made.

So I would could never be someone who would allow a rule book to stand in the way of common sense.

BUT there are lines that should not be crossed. Basic principles that are sound. Collective experiences that form proven and useful guidelines. “Rules” that can prevent us from making the mistakes that many before us have made.

All projects are essentially the same (deliver X within time, cost and quality) yet all are unique (what is being delivered, the timescales, the cost, the people). So whilst the basic Project Management principles to be applied can be universal across projects, we should never be afraid to alter the details to suite our specific challenge.

Change is good. Flexibility is good. Learning is good.


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