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Anarchy in the UK

I have never been a stickler for strict adherence to the rules. To some I am sure that would be tantamount to blasphemy particularly in todays IT world where roles are so often defined, specialised and “narrow”. I suppose my … Continue reading

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Life is Complicated (or is it?)

Time for a bit of a philosophical ramble. Whichever field we work in and at whatever level we are at, ¬†it appears that the landscape is becoming more and more complex. And we seem to be constantly bombarded with messages … Continue reading

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Credit Agency Blunder over Twins

On the front page of the Sunday Times money section this weekend was an article concerning a well known credit reference agency who had managed to merge data from two different individuals into a single report, thereby allowing each individual … Continue reading

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We are not alone.

Phew! I’ve just finished leaping about, running around, whooping, cheering, turning cartwheels and generally expressing feelings of great delight. The reason for all this glee? Well I have just finished reading an article in the Times predicting the demise of … Continue reading

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Big Data – Don’t Get Left Behind!

I am still¬†seeing lots of posts / blogs / comments at the moment where it is apparent that the term “Big Data” is either not fully understood or is being miss-used simply to gain peoples attention. Which is of course … Continue reading

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